I have been immersed in the wonderful jewelry world for most of my life. My father owns a small family owned lost wax casting shop located in Johnston, Rhode Island. Growing up I've seen small separated piles of brass, bronze, and silver pieces on the tables at my parents shop never knowing the bigger picture.

Briana Harrison Metals is a small business located in North Scituate, Rhode Island. Fine and hand crafted jewelry made to bring unique wearable happiness to anyone. With a degree in metalsmithing and jewelry design I am inspired by texture and the simplicity of shapes. Most of my studio working days are figuring out the combination and balance of the two. Everything is made in my home studio with the exception of using the lost wax casting process in more than half of her designs. The lost wax casting process is accompanied with technical fabrication processes that include sheet and wire. The gemstones used are genuine and obtained from lapidarist mainly in India. Supporting small business means supporting the chains connected and that is something I’ve always felt passionate about. Thank you for supporting my small business! <3