Born to Swedish immigrants, Carina has a long history of supporting the efforts of artists and designers whether it be a job or friend. Every piece is made with love and intention,  with careful attention to impact on the environment. Carina's use of recycled metals and natural, untreated stones brings an ethereal look to her creations.

"I had this rock that a fisherman had made a net around and I loved it, I spent some time and figured out how to do it, I immediately knew this is what I wanted to do, it was beautiful and somehow contained my love of rocks, using something that's already here, metals are constantly recycled and I found lost wax casting. Being able to create every part of the process myself is so interesting to me. There are many polishers and chemicals which can also be used in jewelry making which I do not use, but rather I do it the slow old way, completely by hand. I have no interest in making the process faster or easier because I feel the beauty in making my pieces is all part of their complete charm. I work with a small second-generation foundry who does my casting, it was his fathers factory in a small garage, the old fashioned way. So my pieces are not made fast, but they are made with love."