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Silver Moon Alchemy

Garnet Phobia Studs

Garnet Phobia Studs

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The Phobia Collection

Hemophobia - extreme and irrational fear of blood.

Two gorgeous red* oval Hessonite garnets set in a filigree bezel wire with a silver 'fleur' design underneath. They have sterling silver earring posts and friction earring nuts to keep them in place. These earrings have been oxidized and polished to accentuate the textures of the silver.

  • Each stud measures a little over 13mm in length and 5mm wide. 

Every pair of earrings is handmade from scratch. All stones may have minor variations. Each pair is completely unique and will vary slightly, photos are an example of the design. *Shades or garnet can vary slightly depending on the batch I acquire from my vendor; some lean more of an orange hue while others have a darker maroon shade, but all pairs are always matched!


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